A Smart YouTube Url Redirector

Our Shorten Url will force YouTube links on Instagram & Facebook to open in App instead of browser.

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A Magical Tools for Youtubers

Being a youtuber is not easy and most difficult task for youtubers is to maintain their subscribers. Most social media companies like Instagram & Facebook does not like their users to leave or navigate from their own App to another App or browser. In order to track and collect more users data to display their Ads they have introduce their own in-App browser. This has created a much hurdle for youtubers, YouTube links which are open in Facebook in-app browser asks user to login or register before they can like or subscribe the video, resulting in huge loss of valuable subscribers and likes. Our shorten url tool gives you the solution to this problem and will force the YouTube link to open in App instead of browser.

Where you can use?

Given below are few examples where you can use our shorten url.


Add our shorten URL in your Instagram profile link to open your Youtube's Channel or Video direclty in Youtube App.


Share our link on facebook, when users will click our magical link, it will open in the YouTube App instead of browser.


Instant Messaging App like WhatsApp, Telegram plays YouTube link in PIP mode. Our link will disable PIP mode in such App, so that more users will open link in YouTube App.